Non-contact Safe Clinic
product description

  • Non-contact Safe Clinic
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    | Basic composition

  • Size : 3 x 6 x 3m(H), 3 x 8 x 3m(H), 3 x 9 x 3m(H) (Adjustable)
  • Internal composition : Sample collection room, Non-face-to-face therapy
    room, X-ray room
  • Device of use : UV-X, Automatic Sterilizer, Therapeutic air-conditioning and heating system, CCTV, Two-way microphone for non-face-to-face use, Thermal imaging automatic door
    OPTION : Chamber, Pass box, Non-face-to-face thermal imaging camera
  • Wall surface : Flame retardant grade 2 material
  • Frame : Use of steel materials
  • Entrance door : Automatic door
  • Floor : Non-slip finishing
  • Customize indoor space design
    (Can consist of space requested by customers)
  • Indoor positive and negative pressure facilities 
    (Positive and negative pressure can be set by separating medical staff and patient spaces)
  • Shelf


Product function

  • Apply positive and negative pressure technology to ensure the safety and optimal environment of the clinical workforce
  • The ventilation system of the respiratory clinic works to protect
    the medical staff with clean air
  • he ventilation system in the respiratory Ventilation system
    function, which operates more than 400 times per hour,
    eliminates 99.9% of air infections in one minute.
  • Provide a more convenient and pleasant medical environment with a complete heating and cooling system
  • More optional features can be added to meet customer needs. (Customers can choose an option)


  • Non-contact medical chamber
  • Negative pressure chamber available in the hospital
  • Medical waste disposal
  • Non-face-to-face treatment - it possible to blood transfusion
    and draw blood
  • Safe and active care is available for patients
  • Prevent respiratory patients from flocking to the hospital's
    medical office, enabling efficient medical system
  • 1 year Warranty

  • Non-contact Safe Clinic design01

  • Non-contact Safe Clinic design02

Non-contact Safe Clinic